Juan Aravena

John Aravena

It's hard to define my photography, but if need be, I'll say I'm a city-walking nature photographer, quite simply.

The cities and architecture fascinate me, they are in constant motion, changing depending on the angle from which we look at them. The light creates new shapes, the rain creates reflections, the wind and clouds create moving backgrounds. I get the feeling of moving in the middle of an open work of art in constant motion, which in turn provides opportunities to create infinite compositions in a tenth of a second. 

And nature, well, what could be more peaceful than an early morning in the middle of nature, just the magical sounds of the wind and the birds, the sun rising and thousands of shades that begin to paint the whole environment. I want to capture that feeling, take it with me and convey it through my photographs.

Through my photography, I also see a fantastic opportunity to create interest in nature, to awaken thoughts about our environment, to learn to respect animal life, and why not, to inspire even more people to go out and stay in nature, photograph and create their own masterpiece .