That's how it works

The artist portal is a digital platform for all creators who want to get help printing, marketing and selling high-quality prints. Our ambition is to create a living gallery and we welcome different types of artistry.

The artist portal is run by Taberg Media Group and all production takes place in our printing house in Bromma just outside Stockholm.

The artist portal offers printing on a few, well-proven, high-quality papers and limits production to a fixed number of formats,choose between 11 different standard formats from A3 to 100x100cm.

It is the creator who sets the selling price himself, and for each motif sold, Konstnärportalen charges a fee that covers printing and distribution, read more about this here. 

The sales are compiled quarterly and the creator invoices Konstnärportalen a sales fee that corresponds to the sales price excl. VAT minus the fixed fee. The artist portal does not require exclusivity on the motifs sold through us, but on the other hand, the same motif may not be sold at a lower price elsewhere.

We at Konstnärportalen administer your page, so if you wish to add or remove motifs, just contact us, we are available every day during office hours.