The ladybug
The ladybug
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Did you know that, when it comes to the climate, only 45% of young people in Sweden feel hopeful about the future?

When I was little, I thought both ladybugs and dandelions were magical. A ladybug in the hand meant luck and for every picked dandelion you had to wish for something.

Even though I no longer believe in magic, I still wish for something. I wish for a future where my child gets to experience the magic of nature's diversity, feel curiosity and joy in discovering the world, and hope when he dreams of the future.

That's why I produced these posters together with "Vår Barns Klimat". Partly to spread information about their important work. Partly to bring in money for the organization so that they can continue to drive the work for the climate forward and to together instill hope for the future in children's lives. Because it is right now and together that we can and must act.

Printed on a high-quality, Swedish-made, FSC-labeled, uncoated, matte paper.

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