Anna Eriksson has extensive experience as an artist. She is active in the municipality of Ekerö outside Stockholm and, in addition to her artistry, also conducts course activities together with her colleagues at Ateljé Artof Veda.

Anna has a great breadth in her creation and has knowledge in several different techniques and styles, but above all there are three tracks that are prominent and that have also set the tone when it comes to the buyers' interest.

The horses have always followed Anna's artistry, both realistic portraits but also a completely unique combination of realism and
abstraction. In the same spirit, we can also see paintings of cows, which in recent years have also become a bit of Anna's signature.

The same interesting combination also appears again in the landscapes that Anna creates. But even here, she sometimes goes for the more descriptively realistic, especially when painting sea views.

The third clear track is the totally abstract energy-filled works Anna paints with power and vibrancy in color and movement. Mostly large paintings with lines and drops of color with contrasts that become a unity in color and design language in a very special way. They must be seen!

Instagram: @annaerikssonart

Profile picture taken by photographer Emelie Ingverud