Terms of purchase


TMG Sthlm AB provides graphic print productions online. By completing an order via www.konstnarsportalen.se, you accept the terms and, where applicable, personal data processing. TMG Sthlm AB has the right to take out departure copies and archive copies according to ALG 10. To carry out a purchase on www.konstnarsportalen.se you must be over 18 years old.

Prices and fees

Current prices are stated when ordering. TMG Sthlm AB reserves the right to change its prices without prior notice.

Complaints and right of withdrawal 

If an incorrect or defective product has been delivered, or if the shipment has been lost during transport, you must complain in writing to info@konstnarsportalen.se, who will then handle the complaint. If you notice that the packaging is damaged when you receive the product, ask the shipping company that delivered the product to you to make a note of this. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time from the time the error or defect was discovered or should have been discovered. Complaints must state the type of error. Keep original carton and packaging, as compensation for shipping damage will not be given if these are missing.

Purchases made via the Konstnärportalen are not covered right of withdrawal as all motifs are produced on-demand. 

Change of conditions

The current conditions are stated on the website. TMG Sthlm AB has the right to change the terms on its own initiative and does not need to communicate this. After you have placed your order, TMG Sthlm AB does not have the right to change the conditions for the current order.

Force Majeure

Konstnärportalen is not responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond Konstnärportalen's control or otherwise beyond Konstnärportalen's control, e.g. strike, war, extreme weather conditions, terrorist attacks as well as extensive technical problems such as failure of electrical/telecommunications/data connections or other communications and failure or delay in subcontractor services due to circumstances specified herein.


The artist portal reserves the right to the possibility that typographical errors may occur on the website.
The website, as well as all content, is owned by Konstnärportalen or its licensors and partners. The information is protected by, among other things, intellectual property and market laws. This means that trademarks, company names, product images, designs, images and graphics, layout as well as information about services and other content may not be copied or used without the approval of Konstnärportalen.