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If Tanya in White Lotus had been a grape, she would have been Gewürztraminer! Pink-rosy, some think a little too much, floral and fluffy aromatic. Not easy to grow, she loves cool and sunny weather and just the right amount of rain clouds. She matures early and wants to have a long time.

Common in Alsace (France), Germany, Italy and Austria. Also in New Zealand and South America.

They say that the secret of this grape is in the orange-pink skin (not green), but different winemakers exploit this differently. It is considered one of the fuller green grapes with less acid.

Gewürztraminer wines that go well with Japanese and Vietnamese food such as sushi, sashimi and spring rolls. Also copes well with spicy dishes, for example from Thailand and China.

/Katrina Lindqvist, designer & sommelier

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